Every Dog Counts Rescue

Interested in Volunteering for the Puppers?

Every Dog Counts Rescue is currently seeking foster homes in the Indianapolis area and surrounding communities.  Foster homes with dogs AND without dogs are needed. 

We often have dogs and cats who have been injured or have an illness, so EDCR raises money for their medical expenses.  Then, we are in need of foster homes while they recover.  Occasionally we are also asked to bottlefeed small puppies (and kittens) who no longer have their biological mothers.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please complete the EDCR Foster Application and mail or email to:  Every Dog Counts Rescue, P.O. Box 24786, Indianapolis, IN  46224  317.300.4EDC (phone) * 800.689.6046 (fax) EveryDogCountsRescue@gmail.com


Every Dog Counts Rescue has helped save the lives of over 3000 dogs since 2011! Our transport coordinators help acquire longer-term foster or new adoptive homes for dogs.  All of our transport drivers volunteer to drive a weekend transport leg, or help take our dogs for medical care.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering as a transport driver, please complete the EDCR Volunteer Application and submit it to us at EveryDogCountsRescue@gmail.com.


Every Dog Counts Rescue has weekly adoption events on Saturday afternoons.  We are grateful to show a few of our adoptable dogs each week at either the Broad Ripple or Hamilton Town Center Three Dog Bakery stores.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering to represent EDCR dogs at an adoption event, please complete the Volunteer Application form and submit it to EveryDogCountsRescue@gmail.com